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Selected Clients and Employers:

2011:  Blindsight Corporation, Berkeley. Server-side development for smartphone based navigation/guiding system for the blind and disabled.(Ruby On Rails, Javascript/jQuery, minimal iOS.)

2006-2010:  PINC Solutions, Berkeley. Web development for RFID tag logistics system (Ruby On Rails, Javascript, AJAX, interactive SVG graphics.) Screencast demo.

2006:  Sennheiser. Embedded sensor interface development for sennheiser research lab, Palo Alto. (SHARC DSP, Delphi, USB)

2005-2006:  Dabble.com . Software development for video remix community website.(php, drupal, javascript.)

2004-2005:  MuscleFish/Audio Magic. Development of asset management tools for CD production processes for Sony Corporation. (Perl, C++, Solaris, Linux)

2003-2005:  Micro System Development. Development of concepts and firmware for electronic toys (clients including Mattel, Fisher-Price, Leapfrog), as well as asset-management systems for content development. (Windows, C++, TCL, ASM)

2002-2003:  Vulcan, Inc. . Design and development of shrink-wrap music software Drumcore, a proprietary media asset-management system and audio database for sound design and music production. (Windows, Mac OS X, C++, tcl, MIDI, sqlite, audio databases.) Patent APPARATUS AND METHOD FOR PROCESSING DIGITAL MUSIC FILES, Paul G. Allen & Timothy R. Perkis.

2000-2001:  VerticalNet Solutions. Senior Researcher. Managed a research team creating and prototyping web-based enterprise software applications, including online auctions, supply chain management and spend analysis. Rapid prototype development using a variety of technologies, including Linux, Apache, PHP, Perl, My SQL, XML, Erlang(a distributed functional programming language) and JESS (a Java-based expert system language).

2000:  Subbub.com. Founder, startup project, an online video program subscription management service. Server development(Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), client development(Windows Visual C++ environment).

2000:  BlueSpike. Developed reference implementation of BlueSpike's proprietary audio watermarking algorithm for handheld devices (ARM 32 bit and TI 16 bit processors.)

1996-2000:  Interval Research. Technical management and design and prototype creation for a variety of sound, music and broadband related products and research efforts. (Java, Lingo, MAX, Perl, C programmng).  PIC and 80186 embedded controller development;  consumer product design.

Film and Video projects: I have produced and directed several short films and one feature-length documentary, Noisy People, about sound artists and musicians in the San Francisco Bay Area, premiered in 2007 at Pacific Film Archive, Berkeley and screened at festivals in US and Europe. View Noisy People and several other of my recent films on Vimeo.

Musical projects:I have been a composer and performer of live electronic and computer based music for many years, performing regularly in the Bay Area and irregularly throughout N. America, Europe and Japan. Work of my pioneering "computer network band" The Hub is documented on a 3-CD release on John Zorn's Tzadik label, and other work of mine is released on over a dozen American and European labels and documented on my musical website perkis.com.

Programming/Open Source projects:An new project stemming from my musical work with The Hub is code for an open internet service, routing OSC (Open Sound Control) musical messages to and from whoever wants to send and receive them. Based on a node.js (javascript) UDP server. See project page on Github.

Summary of earlier work (90's & 80's):

  • I consulted, mostly in the development of media production software tools, for a variety of clients including Macromedia, Sonic Solutions, Digital F/X and Latitude Communications.
  • I was artist-in-residence at Mills College, Cal State University Hayward and at Xerox PARC.
  • I provided technical consulting services to the San Francisco Art Commission about placement of media art projects in the newly expanded San Francisco International Airport.
  • I was a staff electronics engineer at UC Berkeley supporting research in the Psychology Dept. and School of Optometry, building and experimental apparati and other equipment.

Education:  BA University of Michigan, Video and Computer Arts. Graduate study at California College of Arts and Crafts, Oakland, video and film. 

Personal:  Married, with two daughters.