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PHILIP PERKINS has been involved in experimental music since the mid-1960's and has performed or collaborated with all manner of musicians, filmmakers, bands, ensembles and dance companies including "Blue" Gene Tyranny, The Residents, The Hub, Rotodoti, Bonnie Barnett, Carl Stone, John Bischoff, Doug Carroll and Tim Perkis. He has released 12 albums of his own work on the FUN MUSIC label, and is currently working with Scott Fraser as The Bifurctors, with a new CD just out on the Artifact label: GANG OF TWO. In the 1970's Perkins made several award-winning short films and collaborated with Scott Fraser on several more. His own works tread the line between music and "sound art" and often explore relationships between the pre-determined and the serendipitous in computer-driven electronic music. Perkins works as a motion-picture sound designer/sound supervisor (member, Cinema Audio Society) and was nominated for an Emmy twice for the sound track of the WONDERS OF NATURE series on the Disney Channel. He has worked on numerous feature and documentary productions mixing both production and post-production sound as well as designing sound effects. At present he and Scott Fraser (The Bifurcators) are preparing a solo piano-plus-interactive computer-driven accompaniment work for piano virtuoso/composer "Blue" Gene Tyranny.