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RICHARD LERMAN, works in Music, Film, Installations, Performance, and Video. He often constructs functional microphones from diverse materials, and then composes using these transducers to amplify and pick-up sounds of the environment, and allow the sonic flavor of each material to be heard. Recent works combine sounds from his self-built microphones with computer and MIDI techniques.

His Travelon Gamelon for amplified bicycles, has been performed in many cities in the US, Europe, New Zealand, 300 times at EXPO 86 and at the 1994 Fringe Festival in Hong Kong. The mobile "Promenade" Version, is scored for 25 to 40 bicycles with riders. Small loudspeakers attached to the handlebars amplify pitch in the spokes as the ensemble rides through the streets. A stationary "Concert" version for 3 upside-down bicycles and 6 performers transforms the bicycles into rhythmic and melodic instruments similar to a SE Asian Gamelan.

Incident at 3 Mile Island for performers, amplified tuning forks and laser light uses visual and sonic images to contrast the difficulties of control and the seductiveness of technology. Changing States uses self-built transducers made of different metals. As these are heated with a small blowtorch, expansion, contraction, and the metals' changing states are heard. Music for Plinky and Straws for small amplified instruments uses straws cut with scissors to create sounds like an organ pipe and plucked string.

His piece, A Matter of Scale was performed inside the Astrodome at the 1986 NEW MUSIC AMERICA Festival in Houston. He performed at sound symposium in Newfoundland and toured New Zealand, Australia and Bali later that year. The Pacific Transducer Series audio and film pieces were produced during this time. 1987 tours of Belgium, Holland and Germany included the premier of his installation A FOOTNOTE FROM CHERNOBYL at the Contemporary Museum in Bremen and at the ECHO II Festival in Eindhoven.

He was awarded a GUGGENHEIM Fellowship in Sound Art for 1987-88, and traveled to Argentina and Peru to film and record South America Transducer Series. After visiting Santiago, Chile in June, 1989 he and Mona Higuchi completed Los Desaparecidos, an installation with sound and video about the Disappeared persons, for the Amnesty International USA General Conference in Chicago later that month.

Most recently, they collaborated on a performance/installation, Cold Storage at the 1994 Fringe Festival in Hong Kong. Other collaborations with Ms. Higuchi include Takuhon, an installation with dance. along with shakuhachi player, Aki Nakamura presented in Tokyo in 1991 and the installation Kristallnacht at the Klanken an de Dijk Festival in Neerijnen, the Netherlands in 1991 and at Gallery Kdstrich in Mainz, in October, 1993. The former also included his composition Kristallnacht Music for cello and electronics performed by Maria Hal. While in residency at Stichting Steim in Amsterdam, he offered concerts in Belgium and Holland w/ Aki Nakamura. In Fall 93 offered a performance in the Jewish Cemetery at the 4th construction as process festival in Lodz, Poland which was taped for Polish Radio.

Richard Lerman was born in 1944 in San Francisco and lives in Boston. He has worked in electronic music since 1963 and taught performance art, film making and sound art at the Boston Museum School from 1973-1994. He is now on the faculty as Arizona State University-West. Lerman has performed at many International and American festivals and has worked with John Driscoll, The Merce Cunningham Dance Co., The Dance Exchange, and others. He has also screened his films and video tapes at numerous media centers including Pacific Film Archives, Millennium Film Studies, The London Film Co-op, Grierson State Cinema (Melbourne) and Image Forum (Tokyo).

He directed Sound Art at Mobius, a 2 year series commissioning the work of 13 international sound artists from 1984-86 and also the Sound Art Festival at Mobius, with 18 sound artists collaborating in 10 events in June 1987. He has received Fellowships in New Genres from the Mass. Artist's Foundation and the NEA. In 1989, he was the recipient of a grant from the Asian Cultural Council for a five month residency in Tokyo. A solo CD, within earreach: sonic journeys was released on the artifact label in June, 1994.

Richard Lerman
Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance
ASU West  --  3051
PPO Box 37100
Phoenix, AZ  85069

(602) 543-6036    fax  543-6004