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XOPHER DAVIDSON began his experiments in electronic sound from a basis in painting, film, and installation art, mixed with a long-time interest in electronics. While in primary school he learned to construct simple circuits, removing the components from old televisions and playing with step-up transformers. In 1985 the naively extremist project Jesus Wept was formed by James Chandler, John Hong, Will B. Gavin, and Davidson, beginning an era of tape manipulation. An electronic side project with James Chandler
resulted in the infamous cassette release _Climatron_. While attending school in Richmond, Virginia, Davidson completed the short b/w films _Hess_ and _Positioning Device_, which featured a soundtrack of modulated full-frequency noise. He also started work on the trilogy of recorded sound pieces titled "Reflector," "Primer," and "Number," which was completed in 1990. Also during this time he performed with the noise fusion group 45-102, who demonstrated an advanced position on sound with one public appearance. Presenting his work in numerous shows, he co-curated a major post-constructivist show at the Henry
Street Gallery. He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in painting and sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University in 1991. In 1992 he moved to Oakland, California, creating the seminal space Exhibit < >. In this storefront located by a freeway onramp, he presented an ongoing installation of signs and diagrams which his paintings had evolved into. Listening here to the rumblings of the overhead freeway, it became obvious that the issue of sound needed to be (re)addressed. A year later he began work at the Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College in Oakland, California. Here he performed and recorded sound in many forms, presenting three concerts of electronic music while working on his MFA in electronic music. At this time he constructed a trilogy of experimental films at the film studios of CCAC, to be overlayed with sound developed at the CCM recording studio. Davidson currently performs with the live electronic groups Citizen Band and Circular Firing Squad. His work appears on several compilations, and continuous experimentation at his home workshop, the treatment center, has resulted in three unreleased recordings: _antimatter_, _monuments of superstition_, and _antimatter vs. antimatter_.