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  Artist Bios
Greg Anderson
Kenneth Atchley
Ben Azarm
Eva Baumgartner
John Bischoff
Chris Brown
Sarah Cahill
Doug Carrol
Clay Chaplin
Leo Ciesa
Alvin Curran
Xopher Davidson
Nick Didkovsky
Tom Djll
Scott Fraser
Daniel Goode
Scot Gresham-Lancaster
Ron Heglin
Jim Horton
David Kwan
Richard Lerman
David Mahler
Ikue Mori
Tom Nunn
Marie Pauline-Esguerra
Philip Perkins
Tim Perkis
Larry Polansky
Brian Reinbolt
Phil Stone
James Tenney
Mark Trayle
Blue Gene Tyranny
Tim Walters
William Winant
Clay Chaplin is a composer, improvisor, and video artist from Los Angeles who explores sound and visual improvisation with computer instruments and networked systems. He has collaborated on many projects throughout the US and Europe involving contemporary sound and music, video, improvisation, and technology. He uses computers and custom electronics as musical and visual instruments capable of processing, playing, or generating sounds and images in real-time. Clay is continuing development of his wireless performance instrument named “Stupid Thing” which provides mobility and physicality to his performances.